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Shot Call'a: Gettin Litty With My Friendies


Shot Call'a: Getting Litty With My Friendies is the first release of Shot Call'a Games, LLC. This card game is packed with over 100 cards that takes your game night to an ultimate level as you learn more f*cked up things about your friends, family, exes, lovers, h*es, or whomever. What could go wrong?!?

It's a card game, or whatever, for you people!

Product Features:
  • WELCOME TO THE BEST SOCIAL DRINKING GAME EVER. Played between Friends, Friend-emies, Boos, Exes, Haters, H*es, Lovers, Scrubs....YOU NAME IT!
  • SHOTCALL'A: Gettin Litty With My Frendies (pronounced: friend - dees) is the hilariously real, social drinking card game turning everyday experiences into ruthlessly revealing conversations and actions that will push your friendships, test your relationship and have your opps running for the door. FUN!
  • THE GAME: Pull a card and read it out loud. If it applies to you, or your alternate ego, TAKE A DRINK! OHHHHH, but wait - that's not it! Now you have to tell the SHORT, BUT SWEET story behind taking a drink to that card! Yeah, good luck because you're going to need it! And guess what? If the card applies to your other players, they have to take a drink and spill the beans, too! And just when you think there could be no more fun to the game. IT. GETS. BETTER: there are ACTION CARDS, TOO!
  • THE RULES: ONE: SHORT AND SWEET: When telling your stories, make your point, but GET TO THE POINT! Keep that sh*t sweet, but short! TWO: DON'T CAP! Don't lie. It's a game! :)  NOTE: Recommend 2- 10 players, 18+ advised. Drinking/shot = alcohol or non-alcohol
  • WHAT’S IN THE SHOTCALL'A DECK? Over 100 cards! Experience cards, Action cards, Misery cards, Capping cards, and more! What could possibly go wrong!?
  • THE ULTIMATE GIFT IDEA. Treat yourself or get it as a hilarious gift for any occasion 
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