Rule #1:
When telling your stories, make your point, but GET TO THE POINT!
Keep that sh*t SWEET, BUT SHORT!

Rule #2:
Don't lie. It's a game!

How To Play

Shuffle the cards! Take turns drawing a card from the deck. Some cards are specifically for the person who draws the card, while others are for the entire group to interact. Pay attention to the pronouns/contractions (you, y'all, etc.).
Once the player has drawn a card, the player READS IT OUT LOUD. If what is read applies to you, your alter-ego, or the group, TAKE A SHOT OR SIP!
Then TAKE TURNS (clockwise from the person who read the card) telling the short, sweet story behind what applied to you on the card.

Type of Cards

Topic Cards: 
These cards are the bulk of the deck! They are hilarious, sometimes embarrassing cards that state specific topics. When read out loud by a player, if it applies, take a shot!

Action Cards: 
Action cards challenge the reader or the group to perform certain tasks, like texting someone and apologizing for something you didn't do....or sending a random "I miss you" text to an ex! Do the challenge or take a shot. Simple.

Cappin Cards: 
When pulling a Cappin card, hang on to it. Use the card once to call out someone on a lie. There's always players who don't take a shot to a card they surely applies to them. Use this card on them AND tell the story about how that card applies to them. No matter their response, they have to take the shot amount on the card.

Misery Loves Company Cards: 
When pulling a MLC card, hang on to it. Use the card once when you have to take a shot and you can force another player to take a shot with you! And, like always, we recommend you pick that lil' laughing mf who been laughing at everybody else all night!

Free Pass Cards: 
When pulling a Free Pass card, hang on to it. Use the card once to get yo' p*ss a** out of taking a shot(s) from a card that applies to you.

How To Win?

Enjoy yourself, your company, and Shot Call'a! This game is designed for everyone to have a great time and the only losers are the party poopers!


Shot Call'a is a SOCIAL drinking card game! Social in two aspects: 1. We are the only drinking card game where you have to tell the short, sweet story behind why the card applies to you, and 2. social drinking includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages; it's your preference. Our BCEO doesn't even drink; when he plays, he uses pickle juice or a fruit smoothie!

Shot Call'a is enjoyable with friends(frenemies, h*es, opps, etc.), no matter your drinking tolerance. Here are our favorite gameplay variations to amp up or tone down your #ShotCalla experience:

In accordance with the prompt of each card, take a sip of your libation. This will allow you to play more cards per game and keep the laughs going longer. As each card states, take a shot based on the card’s prompt. This mode is for the active partiers with higher tolerances. Remember, always drink responsibly. We understand that not everyone drinks. To enjoy the game sober, play the game in “H-O-R-S-E” style using our acronym “SHOTCALLA”. Treat each shot request as a letter on the board. The last person to gain all of the letters wins.