Shot call'a takes game night to new heights✈️🎯

Welcome to Shot Call'a Games, rated the best social drinking card games, party games, best drinking card games, best game night games....it's THE game that takes game night to another level! Get ready to find out many....many f'd up things about your friends, embrace wild challenges, and roll on the floor in laughter all night...or end a friendship/relationship/situation-ship...or two! 😈😂

It will be a night you won't forget! Shot Call'a Games is the ultimate drinking game for adults, friends, couples, ops...you name it! Create a lit, mixed with a lil' bit of toxic atmosphere, while sharing embarrassingly wonderful experiences that foster unity. It's more than a game - it's an incredible experience that will have you begging for more.

Warning: We've heard many...many rumors about party hosts getting their Shot Call'a Game took/stolen/borrowed by their "friends and family" ....hate to brag, but it's THAT good. LOL - you will be the go-to party host of your friend group with the best drinking games in hand!

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Shot Call'a: Gettin Litty With My Friendies

How tf did we get here?

This all started with one, big forehead guy - overthinking as usual. After a little of this here, and a little of that there, Shot Call'a: Gettin Litty With My Friendies was formed. It was quite a journey getting here, but we are so glad to have such enormous support and we would not be here without all of you. Now go get lit with your friends, or whomever tf you call them! ;)

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