Tony Gunn Jr - Shot Call'a Games

Shot Call'a: Calling the shots....and Executing

Shot Call'a Games is more than just a social drinking card game company. It's a man on a mission to revolutionize and "culturalize" the drinking game/entertainment industry. Our journey began on a random scroll down the feed on a social media platform. A post from a user expressing their drama-full situation sparked a familiar memory for our founder, which thought, "Damn, the mf had to be drunk". Thinking about that situation, and others, set him on a creative mission to research drinking games in the world that may have relatable situations like such....but research revealed there weren't any. So the mission begun to set out and change that.

Tony Gunn Jr

Make it happen: How our BCEO, Tony Gunn Jr, shot his shot

Armed with his background in graphic design, communication skills, experience in the community, and creative mindset, he single-handedly executed the research, design and develop, test, and produced "Shot Call'a: Gettin Litty With My Friendies", the first product release of Shot Call'a Games. With a goal set in mind to fill a gap in the market, while also incorporating his background of storytelling/communication, it was a clear path forward for him

President Barack Obama and Tony Gunn Jr

Challenging the Norms: Interesting facts about out BCEO

Before launching and focusing on Shot Call'a Games, Tony spent much of his time focusing on the youth. His youth public speaking started at a young age when he realized in the 8th grade that he was going to be a young father. With that realization, he started getting into the communications field with publishing his first novel his sophomore year in high school. He would go on to publishing 11 more books, mentoring a number of youth, engaging in public speaking events before he ultimately was honored with meeting President Barack Obama! After that interaction, Tony made three incredible shifts in his path. 1. After learning that in all children literature released annually, less than 6% has an African-American male protagonist; so Tony is strictly working on children's books in that range, with three to-date ready for publishing. 2. Started a non-profit initiative called "Project You Belong" that focuses on mental health and suicide prevention for boys and young men of color through literary expressions. 3. Developed a mental health awareness deck for youth to engage and facilitate healthy conversations about mental health with facilitators (teachers, parents, social workers, counselors, therapists, and other professionals involved with you. It's called, "WTW: A Mental Health Awareness Deck for Youth".